Plan Sponsors – Are Your 401(k) Investors Getting Good Advice?

In a recent survey (see the link below for more information), plan sponsors “cited a lack of clear regulations as an obstacle to offering advice.  But even more they were concerned about the cost of providing that advice.  The number one reason was a perception that advice is ‘too costly to participants’.”

Well, we have the answer that you may be looking for.  We are not fiduciaries and, as such, we have no fiduciary or even co-fiduciary risks.  There are no legal issues that you need to consider regarding our program.   And, our transparent fee is very reasonable.  We are confident in saying that our fee is the lowest fee charged by any adviser/broker, especially when you factor in the many independent services that are provided.

One other point worth mentioning – the article mentioned a new survey that reported that participants enrolled in some form of retirement planning earn nearly 3% per year more on their investments than someone not utilizing retirement planning services.  That is nearly $2300 per year for a $75000 401(k) account size.  That is quite a return on our modest annual membership fee (see our previous blog of November 1, for more on this)!

At all times, we are at your service!

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