Our Philosophy

There are two features of our enterprise that separate us from all the other on-line and off-line financial brokers, advisers, wealth managers, financial consultants, etc.

Firstly, we are from outside the wealth management sphere.  We are not paid a commission or a salary.  We are not employees of some large financial conglomerate.  Our compensation is not driven by the amount of assets that we have under management.  Our compensation is not driven by an hourly rate or a flat fee for a retirement plan.  Our fee is the monthly or annual membership fee that you pay to us.  This is our only source of payment.  If we are not effective in guiding you through the retirement process, we will lose your trust and your membership.  We do not want that to happen and we will work as hard as we can to help you reach your retirement dreams.

Secondly, we offer a whimsical approach to retirement planning.  You might be asking what does this mean?  It means that we want you to remain entertained and motivated to stay with us as long as it takes to secure a healthy retirement for you and your family.  We believe that individuals need to understand the retirement planning process if they are to have a comfortable retirement.  But to understand the retirement planning process is not easy.  The world of finance is complex and rather boring.

We make the complex very understandable and we turn the boring into something approaching entertainment.   How do we do this?  We begin by offering the educational component using brief videos that present a visual story.  No lectures, no equations, not financial jargon, just a lot of compelling pictures that convey just the right message.  Secondly, we provide a retirement planning program that is only three pages and asks literally 20 questions to help use create your personalized retirement plan.  The customized plan is easy to follow, provides all that you need to know, and is easy to modify at any time.  Thirdly, we provide a platform for you to track your investments (and we help you determine which investments you should own) and we make sure that they are performing according to your customized plan.  Finally, we provide market insight – new investments and research – to help you stay current with the latest investment tools.

So, we are very unique!  We offer guidance from outside the wealth management sphere – a welcomed breath of fresh air.  And we offer a whimsical touch to our professional guidance so that you are motivated to stay with us and remain fully engaged in the retirement planning process from today onward.

At all times, we are at your service!

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